HappyNeuron Pro Exercises

HappyNeuron Pro provides a variety of exercises for each domain of cognition.

Each exercise is designed to be engaging and relevant so that the patient can practice skills needed for everyday functioning and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.

HappyNeuron Pro is meant to be a tool used by therapists to help build the foundation of different cognitive functions that can ultimately lead to life improvement for the patient.

Executive Functioning

Executive function relies on the frontal regions of the brain.

Executive function allows you to make decisions, make plans and use logic to solve problems in the real world. This is crucial for maintaining a home, keeping up with friends and family and managing finances.

Build strategies such as:

  • Thinking before acting
  • Being cognitively flexible
  • Making decisions with consequences
Writing in the Stars
This is a creative crossword puzzle with only 6 words! Sounds easy enough? Try it.
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Basketball in NY
Test your visual and spatial skills with basketballs.
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Decipher the quotation and crack the secret code!
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Towers of Hanoi
Think before you act! Rebuild the tower of rings by making strategic moves.
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Hurray for Change
Train mental flexibility, visual spatial and working memory skills by ordering letter and numbers.
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The Right Count
A classification of numbers by order in a matrix to test math logic and visual working memory skills.
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Ready, Steady, Count!
Memorize an operation (numbers and operators) then do the calculation.
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Work on your mental calculation skills by finding the math formulas for the given answer.
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This Story is Full of Blanks!
Ever been at a loss for words? Reconstitute a text in which some words are missing.
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Verbal Memory

We rely on words to communicate ideas, desires and feelings.

The language center is concentrated on the left hemisphere, but research is growing to show the role of the right hemisphere in language processing. Fluency, retrieval and execution of written and spoken language rely on knowledge of semantics, grammar and vocabulary.

Build strategies such as:

  • Using roots to retrieve words
  • Use context clues to make logical sentences
  • Process written material for later use
Elephant Memory
You have to memorize a long list of words. Ready?
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Words, Where are You?
A perfect workout for your left and right brain.
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Split Words
Form as many words as you can by combining their separate fragments.
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Seize the Keywords