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The Squeaking Mouse

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Auditory > Auditory Attention

The Squeaking Mouse

In this exercise, the user is asked to match an animal sound with an image presented. To help the matching process, you will hear a short sound sequence followed by a more extended sound sequence. You can choose a theme, and the number of animal sounds to make it more interesting.

Brain Areas Engaged 
how the squeaking mouse engages the brain.

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The primary areas of the brain that are exercised in this exercise are the auditory and visual regions located in the temporal and occipital lobes. The temporal lobe is heavily involved in auditory processing, while the occipital lobe is the visual processing center of the brain.

In an increasingly noisy world, remembering the noises of animals or loved ones can become harder. This exercise works on engaging semantic auditory memory. This exercise may help individuals relearn noises of animals or practice their ability to trouble shoot the noises they do not know. 

You can modify:

  • The type of environment (forest, farm, water, Africa, or all)
  • The number of sounds (from 1 to 15)
  • The number of animal pictures (from 2 to 20)
  • The number of trials (from 3 to 1)
  • The time limit (unlimited, or from 60 to 10 seconds).

Over 6400 unique exercise configurations and significant data set depth.

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