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Executive Function > Mental Flexibility

Hurray For Change

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Executive Function > Mental Flexibility

Hurray For Change

This exercise requires the user to be able to switch between two kinds of stimuli to create a path connecting both sets of stimuli as fast and as smoothly as they can. Using either numbers and letters, words and numbers, or words pertaining to two different categories, the user must effectively connect a number to a corresponding letter or word, or correctly connect words of two different categories to one another.

Brain Areas Engaged 
hurray for change brain engagement

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This exercise challenges the user’s dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), the “hotspot” for cognitive flexibility. It requires mental flexibility, inhibition, and sequencing abilities. 

In addition, this task requires visual-conceptual and visual-motor tracking. It also entails motor speed and attention functions. This exercise requires problem-solving skills that call on the brain’s executive functions. You must define a strategy to reach a desired outcome, calculate the right moves to achieve the solution in the shortest possible time, and remember the exercise rules.

Individuals have to shift their attention daily between phone notifications and co-workers. By practicing the skills used in Hurray for Change, individuals may have an easier time switching between tasks and being able to sustain attention on an assignment for longer. Additionally, this exercise may help individuals with their mental flexibility and strategy as they concentrate on how they will adequately solve the exercise.

You can modify:

  • The type of the task (letters and numbers, words and easy numbers, words and difficult numbers, words related to 2 different topics)
  • The number of elements to sort (from 4 to 16)
  • The way previously sorted elements are handled (hidden or not)
  • The behavior after a mistake (start over or continue)
  • The time limit (from 30 seconds to unlimited)

Over 780 unique exercise configurations and significant data set depth.

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