Resource Center

If you need any help using HappyNeuron Pro in your practice, this is the right place.

This page lists all the resources that you can access to help make the most out of our program.


Getting Started

Get a quick overview of the features of the program and how to start easily.

Managing Users

Learn how to create a user for a patient, configure their training, and assign homework.

Tracking Progress

Learn how to track your patient’s activity and evaluate how they are doing.

Downloadable Manuals

Getting Started Manual

Learn the basics with this manual

Full Training Manual

Get detailed information on all the features of HappyNeuron Pro

Exercise Guide

Find the exercises that target specific cognitive skills with our Exercise Guide.

Any Questions?

Check our FAQ

Get a quick answer for many usual questions

Presenting HappyNeuron Pro?

Use our free Presentation

Use our slideshow presentation to pitch HappyNeuron Pro to your team.

Download our Brochures

Download and share our brochures with your team members.

Page last updated on Nov 6,2019