Visual-Spatial Reasoning


Executive Functions





The task

In this task, the patient is asked to decipher some famous quotations where the letters have been replaced either by other letters or by symbols. To make the exercise easier, each letter is always replaced by the same letter or symbol. Cracking these secret codes is perfect practice if your client likes mysteries!


What It Trains

This reasoning exercise trains your client’s ability to attend to details, use context clues, apply deductive reasoning, plan, and problem-solve with some degree of trial and error. While largely relying on executive functions, this exercise also engages language functions which touch both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Your client must use given consonants or vowels to solve which letters are missing and decipher a famous quote. Because many quotes are figurative, your client must use cognitive skills involved in comprehending idiomatic speech which is largely tied to the right hemisphere of the brain.


You can modify the length of the quotation (long, average, or small), the type of hint (all consonants, 10 most common letters, all vowels, probable word, 4, 3, or 2 letters from the quotation, or no help), the coloration of vowels/consonants, the type of encryption (letters or symbols), and the recall time (unlimited, 5, or 2 minutes). The display of rules is not available

Number of Unique Configurations

Over 280 unique game configurations and significant data set depth.

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