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Language Exercises

Language is a cognitive ability that relies on cognitive skills such as verbal memory, verbal reasoning, and both visual and auditory processing. When we are young, we acquire language through the words that we hear spoken around us. The ability to understand and produce language comes from Broca’s area, located in the left hemisphere. Also located in the left hemisphere is Wernicke’s area, which allows people to produce fluent and sensible speech. The right hemisphere is also involved in language processing by helping people understand figurative language and idiomatic speech. Language disorders can occur from developmental or medical conditions, causing people to seek treatment.

Strategies worked on

Recalling words from one’s vocabulary

Putting together word fragments to make words

Remembering items on a list

Using semantic knowledge to recall, place, and identify words

Using words correctly in a sentence

Our exercises:

Elephant Memory

You have to memorize a long list of words. Ready?

Words, Where Are You?

A perfect workout for your left and right brain.

Split Words

Quick! Form all the words as possible by combining their separate fragments.

Seize the Keywords

Memorize the key elements of a text in order to later reconstruct it in a logical manner.

Root It Out

Find the total number of words needed using the root letters.


Your client must find the word hidden within the scrambled arrangement of letters.

Secret Files

Sort the words into the appropriate category before they hit the ground.

This Story is Full of Blanks!

Ever been at a loss for words? Reconstitute a text in which some words are missing.

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