Processing Speed > Inhibition and Interference

Catch the Ladybug

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Processing Speed > Inhibition and Interference

Catch the Ladybug

In this exercise, the user will have to use their mouse (or finger on a touchscreen) and catch as many ladybugs as they can. Not only will the user have to practice their reaction time, but their accuracy as well. As the level progress, there will be distractor bugs, the bugs will get smaller and the ladybugs will quickly disappear.

Brain Areas Engaged 
how catch the ladybug engages the brain.

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This exercise relies on quick processing speed. The user must also engage their frontal lobe to avoid distractions and for motor skills (when using a touchscreen), their parietal lobe to distinguish between two bugs, and their visual processing streams to identify ladybugs and their locations on the screen. Seemingly simple yet deceptively complex, this exercise delivers the right balance of challenge and fun while helping users practice key cognitive skills.

In our everyday lives, we must process and choose which stimuli we wish to engage with. This is done by inhibiting our responses to extraneous stimuli in the environment and directing our attention to stimuli relevant to our current needs. These cognitive skills are needed for situations such as responding to emails at work, taking notes during a lecture, and selecting ingredients for cooking.

You can modify:

  • The duration of the task (number of ladybugs to catch)
  • The decreasing of size and time (none, size only, time only, or both)
  • Initial time available (10 to 1 second)
  • The size of the ladybug (big to small)
  • The anticipation of the next position
  • The number of decoys and the placement (alternate or random).

Over 6,700 unique exercise configurations and infinite data set depth.

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