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Executive Functions Exercises

Executive functioning refers to the cognitive processes responsible for planning, decision-making, regulating behavior, and inhibiting undesirable behaviors. Executive functions predominantly occur in the brain’s frontal lobe, which connects to many other key brain areas such as the amygdala. Executive functioning is needed for everyday tasks, such as driving, making plans with friends, and performing well in the workplace or in school.

Strategies worked on

 Thinking before acting

Being cognitively flexible

Making decisions while knowing the consequences

 Plan effective and efficient actions

 Reduce impulsive behaviors

Our exercises:


Decipher the quotation and crack the secret code!

Writing in the Stars

This is a creative crossword puzzle with only 6 words! Sounds easy enough? Try it.

Basketball in NY

Test your visual and spatial skills with basketballs.

Hurray For Change!

Train mental flexibility, visual-spatial, and working memory skills by ordering letters and numbers.

The Right Count

Memorize an operation (numbers and operators) then do the calculation.

Ready, Steady, Count

Classification of numbers by order in a matrix to test math logic and visual working memory skills.

The Towers of Hanoi

Think before you act! Rebuild the tower of rings by making strategic moves.

This Story is Full of Blanks!

Ever been at a loss for words? Reconstitute a text in which some words are missing.


Work on your mental calculation skills by finding the math formulas for the given answer.


With a few hints, find the hidden word in a jumble of letters.

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