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Below, you will find short videos that help to educate, explain, and enforce the importance of cognitive training in everyday life. 

What is Cognitive Remediation?

Learn about Cognitive Remediation in this video. Gain insights into cognition, encompassing critical thinking skills such as attention, memory, language, and more. Understand the neural dynamics as daily activities use different cognitive skills and how cognitive training enhances neuroplasticity. Discover the profound impact of honing good cognitive skills in addressing everyday challenges, including maintaining a positive mindset and improving focus. 

Key to Success

This video delves into the key factors behind a successful cognitive remediation program. Learn about the importance of regular training, setting personalized goals, and making meaningful connections between exercises and daily activities. Discover how cognitive strategies developed during training can be applied to enhance attention and concentration in your work and personal life. 

Real Life Examples of Cognitive Skills

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Additional Cognitive Functions Explained


Processing Speed

Selective Attention