Sound Check



Visual-Spatial Reasoning


Executive Functions





The task

In this game, your client will encounter a number of sounds coming from different instruments. They must learn to distinguish the sounds according to their height, duration, and intensity.


What It Trains

This exercise calls upon attention and working memory. This exercise will also challenge your client’s capacity to recognize and discriminate different sounds. To get a baseline understanding of your client’s memory capacity, you may want to have them perform the Digit Span test.


You can modify the number of series (from 1 to 10), the number of criteria (from 1 to 3 – loudest/lowest in volume, highest/lowest in pitch, longest/shortest), the number of sounds (from 2 to 4), the number of listenings (from 1 to 5), the choice of instrument (manual or random). Another variant allows to define whether the player will know or not the criteria before the memorization.


Number of Unique Configurations

1,800 unique game configurations and significant data set depth.

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