The Most Therapist Friendly
Tool for Cognitive Therapy

Designed For Professionals

Therapist Driven
Clinicians have full control over exercises, settings, time of day, and duration.
Customizable settings
Multiple settings can be adapted to adjust the challenge level.
Unlimited Amount of Patients
There is no limit to the number of patients you can have training at one time.
Monitor Patient Activity Instantly
Patient reports are instantly generated. No more calculating or tracking, the system does it for you.

Works On Any Device

Works on any device connected to the Internet
Laptop, desktop, tablets, smartphones… Any device!
No install or setup is required
Access the program through a browser, without needing to install any app or software.
Access it from anywhere
Easy to check on your patients from anywhere, and easy for your patients to access with whatever device they have.

Ready For Remote Therapy

Live AND remote therapy
Use it in face-to-face sessions or remote therapy easily.
Bring your own conferencing system
Instant integration with any video conferencing software.
Telepractice with HapyNeuron Pro
Individual or group sessions
Serve both one-to-one sessions and group activities.
Simple online access for patients
All your patients can access their training online.

Engage Patients With 45+ Cognitive Exercises

Fun and varied activities
All exercises are designed to be engaging and stimulating.
Broad range of difficulty settings
Each exercise can be setup in multiple ways to make it more or less challenging.
Replay hundreds of times with new content
Each activity has many data sets so you can repeat the task.

You Pay Per Therapist
You Get Unlimited Patient Accounts

Packages start at $99 per month with a 1-year commitment for 1 therapist.
Additional plans are available.

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