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Cognitive Stimulation for Education

HappyNeuron Pro can be used in and out of the classroom to help students build the cognitive skills needed for academic success. Teachers, educators, school psychologists, special education professionals, and more professionals working with grade school-aged students are using HappyNeuron Pro with their students to help them grow. HappyNeuron Pro is student-friendly. Learn about how you can use HappyNeuron Pro with your students to transform their education!

Which Students Can use HappyNeuron Pro?

All students can benefit from using a HappyNeuron Pro to practice cognitive skills. HappyNeuron Pro offers a fun yet challenging experience that keeps students engaged as they practice and learn strategies to solve cognitive problems. Because HappyNeuron Pro is adaptable, you can use HappyNeuron Pro with students with and without educational support.

In the Classroom: Make a classroom workout using any combination of HappyNeuron Pro’s 45 cognitive exercises. Develop an exercise plan that centers around students’ troubles with learning, such as retaining information from a lecture. Call on students to share their solutions and strategies with each exercise. Afterward, host a discussion on what was learned during each exercise and reflect upon how these strategies can apply to their academic life. 

Have access to additional technology? Have each student perform exercises independently and bring all students together for a reflective discussion on what exercises they have done!

At Home: Give your students additional practice they can do at home. With HappyNeuron Pro, you can assign your students a quick home exercise plan that they can do at home. As your student completes exercises, their results are recorded in their profiles. With our printable reporting feature, you can show your student and their parents their learning progress and cognitive skill development. 

Case Studies

Kyra Minichan – CEO and SLP
The Cognitive Emporium – Hendersonville, TN – USA

“Every kid needs to be doing HappyNeuron Pro. Every school needs to be working on these skills. Every school in America should have a cognitive skill curriculum.”

Louise Kavanagh – Special Education Teacher
Dubai British School Jumeirah Park – Dubai, UAE

“I loved trying to find out how I could support them, how I could learn what they knew and how I could learn to tap into their knowledge and make communicating easier for them.”

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