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Visual Attention Exercises

Frontal and parietal networks allow for the ability to pay attention to visual stimuli. Visual attention is needed for skills such as driving, where select objects within view should be attended to while distractions should be ignored.

This specific cognitive skill can be impaired when damage occurs along with the frontoparietal network, causing people to become easily distracted and overwhelmed when they have to attend to and filter visual stimuli in their environment while completing a task.

Strategies worked on

Identifying outliers

Accurately recalling a sequence of events

Remembering previously viewed objects

Extracting, recognizing, and utilizing visual patterns in moving stimuli

Our exercises:

Ancient Writing

Are you detail-oriented? Compare different writing characters from various cultures.

Private Eye

The grid of symbols and letters is hiding an odd character. Catch the impostor before the clock runs out!

Find Your Way!

Visual working memory remediation reproducing a path from place to place going forward or backwards.

Displaced Images

Several images have been substituted and you have to find out which ones.

Gulf Stream

Identify fish that cross the screen.

Dancing With Fireflies

Analyze the pattern of the dancing fireflies.

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