What Is Cognitive Remediation Therapy?

Cognitive remediation therapy is an effective mental health treatment. The primary goal of this rehabilitation treatment is to reduce cognitive deficits. These deficits normally include attention, memory, and executive function disorders. If you use cognitive remediation effectively with your patients, they can experience a positive impact on functional skills which affect everyday life.

Whether your patient has schizophrenia, depression, ADHD, or psychotic disorders, HappyNeuron Pro has developed activities that work to help stimulate specific skills that support your treatment. Take a look at some of the cognitive remediation activities that can help your patients today.

The NEAR Approach

Now more than ever, cognitive remediation is widely accepted and used as a treatment method. There are many different methods used in cognitive remediation, but one that has proven to be successful with our activities is an approach called “NEAR”. The acronym NEAR stands for “Neuropsychological Educational Approach to Remediation”. As Dr. Alice Medalia states, NEAR emphasizes individualized training done in group formats and combines techniques developed in both neuropsychological and educational models to target neuropsychological deficits as they affect information processing and cognition.

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