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Gulf Stream

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Attention > Visual Attention

Gulf Stream

In this exercise, the user will have to memorize a fish and then identify when that fish crosses the screen. As the levels progress the fish will swim faster and faster. 

Brain Areas Engaged 

Learn more about this exercise:

Visual working memory is a core cognitive function in which we perceive the identity of objects and perceive where objects are located in space at any given point in time to help focus attention. Research has shown that these two types of information (identification and perception) are performed by two different neural processing paths, one ventral, and the other dorsal. The ventral path is used for perceiving the identity of objects, and the dorsal path for perceiving where objects are located in space. Both processing paths begin in the primary visual cortex. However, the ventral path travels the inferior temporal cortex; while the dorsal path travels through the posterior parietal cortex. It is also believed that this cognitive division continues into the frontal lobes and influences how the frontal lobes process working memory information.

The skills used in this exercise are the same ones we use when we recognize traffic signals, road signs, or medications. We must rely on our visual memory to remember what items look like and what they may mean.  

You can modify:

  • The type of targets (unique or multiple)
  • The number of fish (10, 15, 20, 25, or 30)
  • Fish speed (very slow, slow, average, fast, or very fast)
  • Size of the window (large, average, small, or very small)
  • The size of the fish (large, average, or small).

Over 600 unique exercise configurations and significant data set depth.

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