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Memory Exercises

Memory is a cognitive ability that allows us to encode, store, and remember information. There are three types of memory: sensory, long-term, and short-term. Long-term memory allows us to store and remember information related to our lives or general information related to our environment. Short-term memory allows us to retain a limited amount of information for a brief period to complete daily activities, such as remembering the steps completed and needed to be done to prepare a meal. Sensory memory allows us to perceive the information around us. Strong memory processes are essential for survival and daily interaction with our environment. Memory processes occur in the hippocampus along with input from other brain regions.

Strategies worked on

Retaining information for later use

Recalling information accurately

Using memorized info to complete complex tasks

Memorization strategies and techniques

Verbal memory exercises:

Elephant Memory

You have to memorize a long list of words. Ready?

Words, Where Are You?

A perfect workout for your left and right brain.

Split Words

Quick! Form all the words as possible by combining their separate fragments.

Seize the Keywords

Memorize the key elements of a text in order to later reconstruct it in a logical manner.

Root It Out

Find the total number of words needed using the root letters.


Your client must find the word hidden within the scrambled arrangement of letters.

Visual memory exercises:

Shapes and Colors

Are you sure you know all your shapes and colors? Find out with this game.

Displaced Characters

Several characters have been substituted and you have to find out which ones.


Hark back to centuries past and memorize coats of arms and all their complexities.

I Remember You!

Remember the faces and the names of the people you meet.


Indicate when an item matches the one from N steps earlier in the sequence.

Pay Attention

A mix of numbers and letters to stimulate verbal working memory and short-term visual memory.

Visual and verbal memory exercises:

Around the World in 80 Trips

Memorize itineraries through the most beautiful regions on earth.

An American in Paris

Several characters have been substituted and you have to find out which ones.


Can you remember the orders? Try running your own restaurant!

Spatial memory exercises:


Memorize and reconstitute the configuration of the objects presented.

Objects, Where Are You?

Misplaced your keys again? Try our new version of an old classic and sharpen your memory.

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