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Print these worksheets packets and use them with your patients during one-on-one therapy sessions or as a group activity.


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What People Say About Our Program

“You should go for it. It’s worth the investment”

Ruth MwauraClinical PsychologistThalia PsychotherapyNairobi, Kenya

This program is something that really can benefit the well-being of the clients we serve. It gives us more resources and tools to help people.

Lisa RaeDirector of Business DevelopmentIntegrative Group Psychology ServicesChicago, IL – USA

It was just enjoyable to see the results right at the moment. So once a patient is done with the group, I was able to get the results immediately and see what they did well on and what needed to still be improved. HappyNeuron Pro is just easy and accessible.

Hector SiglerDirector of OperationsFamily Recovery CenterLantana, FL – USA

Our favorite thing is to be able to break down into core cognitive domains, knowing every task the patient is doing touches upon overlapping cognitive skills, and it gives participants a sense of what skills they are working on.

Vocational CoachWISE EmploymentMelbourne – Australia

We love this program! One of my success stories was the man who had a stroke. As a matter of fact, everybody noticed his progress after using HappyNeuron Pro.

Laura ArgentineLCSWIntegrative Group Psychology ServicesChicago, IL – USA

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