Entangled Figures

Screenshot of HappyNeuron Pro exercise Entangled Figures



Visual-Spatial Reasoning


Executive Functions





The task

In this task, your client will see three entangled objects which  make up a complex figure. These three entangled graphical objects are compared using multiple choices of objects with similar or different properties that are possible components of the complex figure they have seen. Your client must then choose the ones that they identify are part of the entangled figure. Identification is easier when the figures are meaningful. Your client must develop strategies to sort which details are more relevant to their visual analysis of the whole figure. However, recognition will be more difficult with more abstract figures. Naturally, this complex task takes great concentration.


What It Trains

This exercise trains your client’s visual and spatial skills and their working memory. Your client must find the identifying characteristics of an object, store them in their working memory, and then access the relevant details into a whole figure using mental visualization. They must then mentally disentangle the complex figure into its component parts using attention to detail as this will help them distinguish the objects comprising the figure. 


You can modify the type of figure (figurative drawing, geometrical figure, amoeba, or all types), the number of figures (2 or 3), the appearance of figures (staggered, simultaneous, staggered with fade-out or all types), the theme of figures (unique or different), the memorization time (unlimited, 30, 20, 10, or 5 seconds,) and the time allowed to select the figures composing the entangled figure (unlimited, 60, 30, 20, 10, or 5 seconds). Five entangled figure are presented for each level.


Number of Unique Configurations

Over 1,000 unique game configurations and significant data set depth.

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