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HappyNeuron Pro

Digital cognitive therapy tool with 45 customizable exercises and automatic progress reporting. Used by clinicians all over the world.

CogFirst Assessment

Coming Soon!

CogFirst is a cognition assessment for evaluating individuals who have had a mTBI. It is designed to help find the hidden brain injury.  

Training Courses

Coming Soon!

We’re excited to provide training courses for clinicians who will be using our digital program. Stay tuned!

HappyNeuron Worksheets

Paper versions of our cognitive exercises, to be used as a supplement to digital exercises or for patients who prefer working with their hands.

DIMA Digital Aphasia Assessment

Coming Soon!

DIMA (Diagnostic Instrument for Mild Aphasia) is an Aphasia assessment tool developed by a team of Dutch researchers. Mild Aphasia symptoms are not always easy to recognize – DIMA aims to change that.

Digital vs. Worksheets

You may be wondering if our Digital Program or Worksheets are a better match for your patients.
Let’s compare:

HappyNeuron Pro

– Provides the strongest cognitive benefits due to its interactive capabilities, numerous difficulty levels, and customization options

– Automatic reporting allows clinicians to measure patient progress

– Portable, accessible on any device

– Worksheets included in most digital subscription plans

HappyNeuron Worksheets

– Provide tactile benefits for patients who like working with their hands.


– Good options for patients who don’t want to interact with technology


– May help to keep patients engaged when used supplementally between digital exercises


Product FAQs

We highly recommend using our digital software. Our digital software has more features, easier accessibility, and the ability to track all data points makes reporting easier. With that being said, we understand that not everyone has the same needs. Talk to us, and let us know your situation.  

Yes! All subscriptions to the digital program include worksheets. Each plan does vary on the number of worksheets included. Learn more by checking out our pricing page.

Book a discovery call with a product specialist or email us to learn which plan or tool is best for you. 

Yes! Recent graduates can get 6 months free with a 1-year plan! Activate your savings by filling out our student offer form. 

Yes, we do! Fill out our researchers form and let us know more about your research. 

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