What Is It?

A common mental illness experienced by adults and children of all backgrounds. Can occur at any stage within life and has both biological and environmental causes.

Depression is the “common-cold” of mental-illness. Everyone in their lifetime will experience a form of depression at some point in their lifetime. Depression can follow a major life event, such as moving to a new city or losing a job. Some people have a predisposition to depression, making them more likely to experience it.

Symptoms of depression include physical changes such as weight loss or gain without dieting, loss of interest in activities that once brought joy, slow speech, and difficulty thinking.

Chronic depression impacts thinking, speech, memory, perception and decision making.


What Can Be Done?

Treatments for depression range from pharmacological, brain-stimulation, and psychotherapeutic interventions. Patients can be treated with a combination of therapies, according to what their medical professional determines is the best course of action. An obstacle with depression is that some medications work for some people while others do not. It takes a few months to a year for an antidepressant medication to work, while cognitive functioning can decline as experience of depression remains.

Cognitive remediation therapy can ease the impact of depression on cognitive function. The goal of cognitive remediation therapy for depressed patients is to assist them in developing effective strategies when challenges arise, such as making an important decision when many options and pieces of information are available.

How Can HappyNeuron Pro Help?

What HappyNeuron Pro can do is be a part of the care plan for your patient struggling with depression. Our Rehabilitation package provides a variety of exercises that target important domains of cognition such as executive functioning, verbal memory, attention, processing speed and visuospatial skills. Another utility of HappyNeuron Pro is that it can be a stimulating activity when talk-therapy may not be able to be done.

Depression can cause a person to not want to talk and want a distraction. You can use HappyNeuron Pro to help your patient engage in a therapeutic activity that can help take their mind off negative thoughts and may help them talk about how they are feeling. This has been reported by some of our users, such as Laura and Lisa of IGPS in Chicago.

We encourage you to explore our variety of exercises that can be a part of your therapy with your patient. Some of our most popular exercises like Split Words, can be adapted for group therapy sessions, and Catch the ladybug is an engaging attentional task:

Split Words

Assists with word retrieval using lexical cues.

Screenshot of HappyNeuron Pro exercise Splitwords
Screenshot of HappyNeuron Pro exercise Catch the Ladybug!

Catch The Ladybug

Trains concentration and visuospatial skills by requiring a patient to respond to relevant information while ignoring non-relevant stimuli in the environment.

In addition, we provide exercises that focus on other domains of cognition such as Memory, Executive Function, Visual Memory, Processing Speed, the Auditory system, and Verbal Memory.

We encourage you to try out our software with your patient and see if HappyNeuron Pro may be an ideal fit for both you and them. We have seen tremendous benefits in the realm of depression treatment as HappyNeuron Pro is an engaging and accessible platform for both therapists and patients alike.

How Do We Fit Into Your Practice?

Depression can be treated one-on-one or in a group setting. Psychiatrists, psychologists, LPC’s and social workers use us as part of their intervention strategy for depression.

Depending on how you deliver therapy, we can be taken with you. All you need to access HappyNeuron Pro is an internet connection and a compatible device. That means you can do home based therapy as well as group therapy with HappyNeuron Pro. For groups, you can connect an HDMI cord from a computer to a television to provide a larger screen for group therapy practice. A great icebreaker for group therapy, regardless of condition is Split Words. This exercise encourages individuals to speak and can even provide needed laughter during your session.

For a preview of what HappyNeuron Pro can do for your patients and your practice setting, please try our 15 Day Free Trial. You will be able to access all of our materials as well as setup accounts for the patients you are working with.

Page last updated on Jun 19,2019

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