Cognitive Exercises For Stroke Patients

How Can HappyNeuron Pro Help?

HappyNeuron Pro is a digital cognitive therapy tool that provides speech-language based exercises. Speech and Langauge Pathologists (SLPs) use our software by providing stroke patients with speech and language writing exercises. Top stroke recovery speech exercises focus on teaching new strategies to recognize words, retrieve words, form sentences, comprehend written material, and encourage fluency. They also incorporate writing exercises for stroke patients.


We currently offer 45+ different cognitive therapy exercises and tasks to target different areas of cognition. As you work with your client, you can identify overlapping cognitive issues that may be impacting their ability to use language and engage with the world around them. Our other exercises can assist with these complications, and you can address them in and outside of the clinical setting using HappyNeuron Pro. Here are 8 unique exercises that target language skills as cognitive activities for stroke patients. 

We Suggest the Following Writing Exercises for Stroke Patients:

Split Words

Assists with word retrieval using lexical cues.

This Story is Full of Blanks

Requires patient to use their own vocabulary and grammatical knowledge to put together a coherent text with logical meaning.

Words Where Are You?

This exercise requires you to remember where words are on a screen. Trains visual and spatial memory in addition to perception.

Elephant Memory

Trains strategy techniques to memorize material without learning it by heart.

Seize the Keywords!

Engages written comprehension skills while training memory of events, times, places, and associated emotions by focusing on key words and finding logical associations between them.

Writing in the Stars

Trains logical reasoning for use in keeping track of appointments and engaging in group activities.

Secret Files

Targets concentration and deductive reasoning for problem-solving.

Root it Out!

Trains memory preservation and extinction.

How Do We Fit Into Your Care Plan for Your Stroke Patients?

Your patient may be in the acute stage of recovery (2 weeks) or in the chronic stage (6+ months). Our tool is 100% adaptable for your patient’s needs and can be used in-clinic or at-home therapy sessions and even specialized care facilities.

To see how we can be integrated into your practice and assist your clinicians in providing care to stroke patients, take time, and complete our 15 Day Free Trial . You are able to access all of our digital content, as well as our free resources for additional material to use during your therapy sessions with your clients. If you are a researcher, please contact us about using our software for your research study .

Page last updated on Jan 20,2022

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