Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

What Can Be Done for ADHD?


People with ADHD may take medication to help them focus during the day. Other treatment options include working with a clinical provider that has training on cognitive remediation. The therapist would focus on building strategies to maintain attention during tasks and help their client apply these strategies to everyday life.


How Can HappyNeuron Pro Be Part of Your Treatment Plan for Your Client with ADHD?


HappyNeuron Pro is designed to be used as a tool that provides stimulating content to practice cognitive skills. With ADHD, working memory, attention, and executive functioning are compromised. Therapists can use HappyNeuron Pro exercises to build these areas of cognition with their clients and help them transfer strategies their clients use to complete exercises to their daily lives.


We Suggest the Following Exercises for ADHD:

Bird Songs

Clients will listen to the songs of different birds. Using their memory of the songs they have heard, they will have to correctly pair the song to the corresponding bird.

Hurray For Change

This exercise is very similar to the Trail Making Test A & B. Clients will have to switch between numbers and letters or numbers and words. If clients make a mistake, they may have to start over from scratch depending on the level of difficulty set. This exercise is commonly used to work on executive functioning, but demands working memory and attention as well.

Around the World in 80 Trips

While seeing sites at some premier travel destinations, clients must remember the names, images, and order in which eye-catching sites are visited.

Pay Attention

While reviewing series of numbers and letters, clients must remember which items they saw and in which order they saw them in. This exercise can be used to build skills such as remembering a password or a telephone number.

Ancient Writing

In this exercise, clients are presented with characters from different languages. Clients must pay attention and use their working memory to distinguish which items they have seen and discriminate against items that do not belong.

Objects, Where are You?

Clients will have to pair objects and their location on a grid and later recall which objects were presented and their correct location.


Clients must try to maintain focus while engaging with visual and auditory stimuli.


Clients will have to maintain focus while items are presented to them. When an item looks familiar, they will have to respond if it matches an item they have seen n-steps back.

In addition to these suggested exercises, we provide more content that focuses on other domains of cognition such as Memory, Executive Function, Visual Memory, Processing Speed,  Auditory Processing, and Verbal Memory.

Why Should I Use HappyNeuron Pro for My Client with ADHD?


ADHD is frustrating for patients, their loved ones, and people your patient interacts with in daily life. People with ADHD struggle to focus on tasks and can get easily confused or overwhelmed when an array of information is presented to them. Keeping track of appointments, social events, and due dates for work or school projects can become very difficult when executive function and attention deficits are present.


You can use HappyNeuron Pro to assist your patient on building organizational skills, memory, and step-by-step processing. These skills are key as people with ADHD have difficulty finishing tasks, thoughts, and actions which can cause them to miss information that is relevant to them and their situation. By designing a workout plan that incorporates executive function, visual attention, verbal memory, visual memory, and auditory memory, you can help your patient strengthen these skills and guide them in applying them to everyday life.


HappyNeuron Pro is friendly for adults and children, as both age groups are affected by ADHD. HappyNeuron Pro provides a stimulating platform that can be used on tablets, laptops, and desktops. The display of exercises and touchscreen compatibility make it an ideal tool for tech-savvy teens to aging populations who have not engaged with technology.


To see how we can be integrated into your practice and assist your clinicians working with clients diagnosed with ADHD, take time to complete our 15 Day Free Trial. You are able to access all of our digital content, as well as our free resources for additional material to use during your therapy sessions with your clients. If you are a researcher, please contact us about using our software for your research study.

Page last updated on Jun 9,2020

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