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Sustained Attention Activities


What is Sustained Attention?

Sustained attention occurs when an individual focuses on cognitive activity for specific stimuli. To complete a task, sustained attention uses two separate sub-activities, vigilance (detecting the appearance of a stimulant) and concentration (focusing on the move).


Individuals who can concentrate on an activity for extended durations have strong sustained attention skills. They can stay focused for as long as it takes to finish, even if other distracting stimuli are present. This essential cognitive skill helps us efficiently carry out tasks and activities in our daily lives. 


Sustained Attention occurs when an individual uses our digital program or worksheet. An individual must be present for the entire duration of their therapeutic or home workout session. 

Sustained Attention Exercise Example

Pay Attention is one of our platform’s more popular Sustained Attention and working memory tasks. In this exercise, patients must pay Attention to the numbers on the screen. Next, they then have to recall them in the proper order. If the patient does not pay attention for the entire duration, they will miss out on the correct number. This activity is comparable to paying attention to a conversation or recalling the number of items you have counted to compare them.

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Effective Treatment Assistance

In the hands of a creative therapist, attention exercises on our platform can be a very effective part of selective attention training. Attention skills are one of the foundational skills of cognitive functions. By actively working on attention skills, your patient may be able to handle more stimuli without being overstimulated.


All of our attention exercises are fully adaptable and customizable. This means you can gradually increase the stimuli’s speed, rate, and number, which may help your patient develop strong selective attention skills! To try HappyNeuron Pro with your patients, you can sign up for a free trial! If you are not a trained therapist, we offer attention-based worksheets for download

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