What Role Does Attention Play in Daily Life?

Attention is needed to focus and assists us in performing almost every daily task. See how HappyNeuron Pro's divided attention activities can help your patients today.

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What Role Does Attention Play in Daily Life?


The Role of Attention

We rely on attention to perform nearly all our daily tasks. It enables us to focus on the work at hand, learn and understand both written and oral information, and think about a given subject. Our capacity to concentrate is highly dependent on changes to our environment and within ourselves (noise, stress, worries, tiredness, disruptive thoughts, etc.). Shifting attention can be made voluntarily (for instance searching or focusing on something) or automatically (for example a sudden noise may draw our attention).

Strong attentional capacities may be required in order to concentrate on something in an extremely noisy environment, like an open plan office setting. We can also divide our attention between several activities. For instance, we can drive while having a conversation with a passenger. But when attention is divided between several tasks, it requires more brain resources. Aging is correlated with a decrease in attention resources and a higher sensitivity to inference, which results in people being less efficient with age on multiple simultaneous tasks.

Attention is also necessary to learning. Think about it: in order to learn anything, we have to pay attention to what experts or teachers tell us, or concentrate our attention to read a book so that the information and new knowledge can be memorized. Without attention, we could never memorize or master new material!

Have you ever found it difficult to remain focused during a long speech or presentation, or to solve a problem when there was too much going on around you? We’ve all been there. No one is able to stay perfectly focused for long periods of time – it’s physically impossible. However, while you may not be able to help falling asleep in the middle of a boring opera, it is possible to improve attention and your ability to focus – and HAPPYneuron can show you how to do it. Like any other mental skill, such as memorization or mental math, you can increase your ability to focus and to pay attention if you work on these skills. That is precisely what you will find in the HAPPYneuron program: a variety of games, each with multiple difficulty levels, scientifically designed to improve your attention and ability to focus.

To fully benefit from these exercises, we recommend finding a nice, quiet place to do the training and giving it your full attention. Whatever you do, don’t try to rush through these exercises or do them all in one sitting! As you do the exercises, if you feel your focus start to drift significantly, stop and do something else and come back to them later. Trying to forge ahead when your mind is tired doesn’t do your brain cells any good.

To learn more about attention and how HAPPYneuron Pro can help, click here for Part 2 of our series on attention: Improving and Increasing Your Attention Skills 

Happy Neuron Pro Cognitive Rehab Therapy

HappyNeuron Pro programs provide healthcare professionals with specifically adapted cognitive stimulation tools for use with their clients.

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Happy Neuron Pro Cognitive Rehab Therapy

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HappyNeuron Pro programs provide healthcare professionals with specifically adapted cognitive stimulation tools for use with their clients.

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