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Pay Attention

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Memory > Verbal and Visual Memory

Pay Attention

In this exercise, the user will read a series of numbers or letters and then recall them either in the way they appeared or in reverse order. Other variants will require the user to reproduce the memorized series numerically or alphabetically.

Brain Areas Engaged 
how pay attention engages the brain.

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This exercise calls upon attention skills and working memory. The prefrontal area of the brain involves concentrating, attending to incoming information, and elaborating on thought. It uses the capacity of immediate repetition or mental manipulation of information. 

We use the same skills in paying attention when we take down short bursts of information, such as a name or phone number. We also use these skills when recalling information we just quickly received verbally. 

You can modify:

  • The exercise mode (fixed number or progressive)
  • The number of series (from 1 to 10)
  • The number of items to memorize (from 2 to 9)
  • The type of items (numbers, letters, or letter and numbers)
  • The restitution order (same, reverse, numeric or alphabetical, or reverse numeric or alphabetical)
  • The presentation mode (visual, audio, or both)

Over 3,400 unique exercise configurations and infinite data set depth.

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