Dancing with Fireflies



Visual-Spatial Reasoning


Executive Functions





The task

Have you ever seen fireflies in the moonlight? Here, your client will track and interpret complex patterns of movement as they watch and analyze five series of dancing fireflies. Each dance makes a pattern that your client will be asked to recognize from among four different suggested trajectories. For each series, your client will have three attempts to find the correct trajectory. You may choose between easy, medium, or complex dances and whether there are two, four or six fireflies. You can also vary the speed of the dances they will have to recognize.


What It Trains

This exercise trains your client’s visual attention and their working memory skills as they track the trajectory of moving objects while anticipating their direction. The prefrontal cortex is the portion of the brain that helps us attend to and concentrate on incoming information. Your client must use visual analysis skills to recognize the general shape of each firefly’s dance. They will have to concentrate on essential points (line intersections, width of trajectory, and so on) since they will help them rule out certain patterns and find the right ones. Your client’s visual working memory will also help them keep each firefly’s course in mind.

Training your client’s attention and visual tracking skills will help them recognize faces and complex patterns more readily. Also, certain activities such as team sports require attention to one’s teammates and opponents, driving requires attention to other vehicles and pedestrians, and occupations such as air traffic control require simultaneous attention to many moving targets.


You can modify the type of dance (Simple, Normal, or Complex), the dance variation (Easy, Medium, or Hard), the number of fireflies (2, 4, or 6), the speed of the dance (Slow, Normal, or Fast), the number of possible answers (2, 3, or 4), and the number of series (from 1 to 40).


Number of Unique Configurations

Over 1,400 unique game configurations and infinite data set depth.

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