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Selective Attention Activities


What is Selective Attention?

Selective attention occurs when an individual can choose and focus on a particular stimulus or activity while simultaneously suppressing irrelevant or distracting information. 


Those who struggle with selective attention tend to have difficulty focusing on one task while having other stimuli around them. For example, they may struggle to read a book in a busy coffee shop. Not only do we have exercises to work on these skills, but by using our digital cognitive therapy software, your patient must ignore additional stimuli (the sun outside, the room temperature, etc.) to focus on completing our exercises. We have developed activities that may help improve attention skills while in a safe and controlled environment. 

Selective Attention Exercise Example

Dance with Fireflies is one of our platform’s more popular attention tasks.  In this game, patients are given multiple visual stimuli simultaneously. They must figure out what pattern the fireflies are dancing. This activity is comparable to walking on a busy street or driving a car. 


Try some of our selective attention exercises now!

selective attention activities

Catch the Ladybug!

Dance With Fireflies


Effective Treatment Assistance

In the hands of a creative therapist, attention exercises on our platform can be a very effective part of selective attention training. Attention skills are one of the foundational skills of cognitive functions. By actively working on attention skills, your patient may be able to handle more stimuli without being over stimulated. All of our attention exercises are fully adaptable and customizable. This means you can gradually increase the stimuli’s speed, rate, and number, which may help your patient develop strong selective attention skills! To try HappyNeuron Pro with your patients, you can sign up for a free trial! If you are not a trained therapist, we offer attention-based worksheets for download

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