Screenshot of HappyNeuron Pro exercise N-Back


The task

In this exercise, items such as numbers or letters are presented one after another. Your client will be instructed to respond each time an item appears after a certain number of other items, such as “2 numbers back”. Your client will be told how many items back they need to remember.

For example, if your client is asked to respond when a number was presented 2 items back, your client would respond in this sequence to those numbers in bold here: 9 5 6 5 2 7 2. The 5 is the second and the fourth item presented, so when your client sees the 5 as the fourth item, it was also presented two items previous, or “2-back”. When your client sees the 2 as the seventh item, it was also presented to them  “2-back” during the 5th item.


What It Trains

This exercise primarily exercises your client’s short-term memory. Short-term memory is typically involved when meeting a new person who introduces themselves to us. If we wish to keep this data in mind after an initial encounter in case we meet this person several times, it’s necessary to commit the face and the name to our long-term memory. Each exercise round will give your client up to 7 faces to memorize (depending on the level), each one linked to a name, or name and a home city. The capacity of our short-term memory will often be exceeded so your client must implement mnemonic techniques to be able to memorize each person that they are shown. Using association skills and mental imaging will be necessary to do this in this exercise and in everyday life. 


You can modify the type of item (Colors, Numbers, Symbols, or Letters), the number of items (10 to 120), the type of task (N=0 to N=5), the presentation and answer time (10s to 1s, or Unlimited), the time between the stimuli (10s to 0s, or Unlimited), and the number of items previously showed (5 to none).


Number of Unique Configurations

Over 414,000 unique game configurations and infinite data set depth.

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