Adaptable Exercises

Every individual has their own unique needs when it comes to cognitive training. You can adapt each exercise to target specific aspects that your patient needs to work on.
Alternatively, you can use HappyNeuron Pro’s own settings that automatically challenge your patient and help them grow.

How our adaptable exercises operate

Our basic and advanced settings features allow you to choose how your client will be challenged. You can either use the preset difficulty settings or configure the exercises yourself. Learn about the differences below.

Option 1 – Generated Workouts

You can rely on our preset levels and automatic level progression that ensures users start with a beginning configuration and then automatically progress to their own “challenge zone” where they will be pushed to learn new strategies.

Option 2 – Manual Configuration

Adapt each exercise’s configurations so that your patient can work on the exact cognitive function they are struggling with.

This screenshot is from the exercise, “I Remember You,” where you can customize the number of faces your patient sees, the number of distraction faces, the face diversity, the kind of information your patient must memorize, the type of memorization task your patient will perform, how much time your patient has to memorize the information, and how much time they have to respond.

Both of these options allow you better control over your patient’s therapy plan. Combining these features with the customizable workout and the home workout feature, you will endless possibilities to provide individualized treatment for your patients.

Key Features

Custom Exercise Configuration & Exercise Template Design

Ability to Better Understand your Patient’s Strengths & Weaknesses

  Instant Tracking of Accuracy, Speed, and Duration

Enrich Your Patient’s Cognitive Training

Interested in trying our digital exercises?

Pulling from our decades of experience in Cognitive Therapeutics, we aim to help you enrich your practice through the use of digital and paper tools.