Aphasia affects over 1 million Americans. Aphasia can be characterized as a loss of being able to produce and understand language. Patients who have suffered a stroke or brain damage to the left hemisphere often exhibit language deficits, which are disruptive to everyday life.


Situations such as going to a restaurant or going to social events can become unpleasant as patients may become frustrated when they are not able to articulate what they would like to say or have trouble comprehending conversation.


Cognitive remediation therapy is an effective tool to assist patients with their language. Patients can benefit from one-on-one sessions with a therapist, attending a stroke or aphasia support group, and by doing exercises at home that engage the language areas of the brain.

HappyNeuron Pro can be used as a tool to work on speech production and language comprehension inside and outside of clinic hours. You can assign your patient various exercises that target the language system. With each exercise, you can customize the level of difficulty among other settings to ensure that your client is adequately challenged.  As your patient uses HappyNeuron Pro, you can view their progress and identify which components of language they are improving and which ones need more work.

Language is a multi-component cognitive function relying on elements of executive function, memory, auditory processing, and visual attention. HappyNeuron Pro offers exercises that target these key components of cognition that can help your client practice these skills. Below are some exercises our team suggests for working with aphasia populations:

The concept of rational and irrational thinking of two people. Heads of two people with colourful shapes of abstract brain for concept of idea and teamwork. Two people with different thinking.

Like knitting a pattern for a scarf, Embroidery requires visual attention, verbal memory, and executive function for participants to put together a word of a given theme out of the letters presented. Depending on the level of difficulty, the first letter or two letters may be given, and tiles may or may not be connected diagonally.

split words

One of HappyNeuron Pro’s most popular exercises, Split Words requires participants to put together words of a given category using the fragments presented. Help can be given in the form of placing the fragments of words in order and/or coloring the connecting fragments differently. This exercise can be done one-on-one or as a group activity.

Screenshot of HappyNeuron Pro exercise Private Eye

Work on reading skills and letter discrimination with this exercise. Private Eye is used for visual attention, but the skills practiced here can be used for improving reading capacity as aphasia can impair character recognition. This exercise can also be used as a group activity.


In Writing in the Stars, grammar, word choice, and executive functions are exercised as users must fill in the star with the right words in as few attempts as possible. This exercise is also great for group activities as participants can point or call out a word and its corresponding location.

HappyNeuron Pro offers a 15 Day Free Trial that does not require a credit card. Clinician’s looking for a digital tool to use with their clients to assist with their cognitive rehabilitation can try HappyNeuron Pro with as many clients as they would like during the 15 days. We encourage you to try all of our exercises, completely free and see how HappyNeuron Pro can help you and your clients get the most out of therapy sessions.


Your trial comes with free on-boarding, courtesy of our product specialist. If you are working in a clinic or facility with multiple therapists, we encourage all of  your therapists assisting clients with cognitive difficulty to try our software.


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HappyNeuron Pro Sample Workout