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Verbal Reasoning Activities and Questions

Traditional verbal reasoning activities and questions can be boring and ineffective. See how HappyNeuron Pro’s verbal reasoning activities can help your patients!


What is verbal reasoning?

Verbal reasoning refers to the cognitive skill used to derive information from spoken or written words and use it to take action. Because this skill relies on language, Broca’s area is engaged along with different parts of the frontal lobe. Other brain areas may be engaged depending on the task being performed.

What causes deficits with verbal reasoning?

People may have trouble with this cognitive skill due to a wide range of reasons.  For example, strokes and brain injuries damage the brain tissue, which can cause a person to have cognitive problems.  Mental health conditions,  such as depression or psychosis can cause resulting cognitive problems and interfere with this language related skill. Other medical conditions that can cause a person to have trouble with verbal reasoning include learning disabilities and age-related disorders. 

Can verbal reasoning be improved?

Like any cognitive skill, it can be improved by working on it. People can work on this skill by playing word games and puzzles, reading engaging stores, writing creatively, and learning new words. Additionally, someone can opt to use a digital cognitive therapy tool to practice verbal reasoning skills. Working on this important cognitive offers several benefits:


  • Improved reading: When reading, we may come across a word that we do not know. It helps us use clues within the sentence or passage to help them understand the word that they do not know.


  • Inferencing: We may come across small amounts of information, and have to draw conclusions from them. This skill helps us use limited amount of information to make conclusions about the world around us.


  • Building upon knowledge: Using previous knowledge and connecting it to new ideas is needed for being able to detect trends in a graph, think abstractly, and creating generalizations.

Have you considered using a digital cognitive therapy tool?

Do you have a client that needs to improve their verbal reasoning skillsHappyNeuron Pro allows clinicians to design and develop customized exercise plans to help their patients to practice verbal reasoning skills. Get started with a free trial of HappyNeuron Pro to help your patient practice their verbal reasoning skills today!

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