Bipolar Disorder

What is it?

Bipolar disorder is a psychological disorder in which a person often experiences dramatic shifts in mood. People living with bipolar disorder will switch between manic or “up” emotional states and depressive or “down” emotional states. If someone experiences a manic episode of bipolar disorder, they may engage in risky behaviors which can be fatal. People with bipolar disorder often require medication to manage their symptoms. They will work with a psychologist to help them develop strategies to address the social and emotional complications of having bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can impact cognitive functioning, impacting executive functioning, processing speed, memory, and motor skills. Cognitive remediation therapy using computerized cognitive tools may help patients with bipolar disorder resolve cognitive complications resulting from bipolar disorder.

What can be done for bipolar disorder?

Intervention for bipolar disorder includes medication, environmental changes, job, educational support, and psychotherapy.

A mental health professional such as a psychiatrist can work with an individual to establish a medication regimen. A neuropsychologist may evaluate cognitive complications, and an occupational therapist may work with a client on work-related difficulties. Sometimes, a social worker may provide emotional support as well as connect an individual to support services within their community.

Patients with bipolar disorder may experience cognitive complications related to episodes of mania or depression. Cognitive problems experienced by patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder include difficulty planningworking memory problems, and language deficits. Cognitive remediation therapy provided by a licensed medical professional can assist with improving cognitive function before and after a patient has an episode of psychosis.

Executive Function Exercises

The Towers of Hanoi

Planning, strategy


Reasoning, strategy

Basketball in NY

Strategy, inhibition

Memory Exercises


Attention, visual working memory

I Remember You!

Visual and verbal working memory 

An American In Paris

Verbal and visual working memory

Language Exercises

Root it Out

Lexical Spelling 



Secret Files

Working memory, reasoning 

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