HappyNeuron Pro Features

Your one-stop platform for digital cognitive therapy

HappyNeuron Pro is a tool to be used by clinicians to help their patients build upon or rebuild the foundation of different cognitive functions. Each of our 45 exercises are uniquely designed to be engaging and relevant so that your patients can practice skills and learn strategies to overcome cognitive obstacles.

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These features make cogntive therapy adaptable and accessible:

Adapt each element of each exercise. 

Each exercise involves multiple cognitive functions. 

45 Adaptable Exercises

All of our exercises have the ability to be customized to your patient’s unique needs. With a simple click of a button, you can adapt every element of each exercise.

Each of our 45 unique exercises has multiple different cognitive functions involved. This allows your patients to work on multiple cognitive functions at one time and  at the appropriate difficulty level  

Create a custom workout or allow the tool to automatically make one for you.

Set custom settings such as: duration, frequency, repetition, and have it emailed directly to them. 

Customizable Workouts for Home or In-Clinic

Our Workout feature has two uses:

1. Increase the frequency and duration of your patient’s therapy treatment using our home exercise feature. This feature allows you to send custom workouts directly to their email. 

2. Create custom workouts that you can do directly with your patient in their session.  

Explore the unique details of each exercise. 

Track their overall general cognitive strength in easy to read charts and graphs. 

Automatically Track All Activity 

Spend less time manually tracking and grading your patient’s worksheets, and allow our software to do it for you. With our automatic record tracking, you instantly get your patient’s results when they complete exercises. Additionally, this will allow you to track their progress over time. 

Send personalized messages to your patients, directly in their account! 

In-Platform Messaging

Send your patients reminders, encouragement, tips, and tricks directly to their account. 

Multiple Languages 

Our program in available in Multiple languages. Currently, we offer exercises in Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Fun and curated encouragements 

Details about their workouts and their progress 

Congratulations Screen

After completing a workout, your patient will be celebrated. They’ll see a summary explaining what they have accomplished and what the next steps are.

Unlimited Patients*

Our mission is to enable clinicians to act on their ability to transform lives with more ease. That is why we offer the ability to use our program with unlimited patients.

*Unlimited patients not included in the Starter plan