Customizable Workouts

Choose your client’s workout.


Focus on a key element, or target them around a specific task. The options are endless!

How our customized workouts operate

Our customized workouts feature allows you to directly choose the exercises available to your patient and the level at which they operate. You can then choose which exercises will be added to their home workout.

Choose the Exercises Available to Your Client

You can keep all of the exercises available, follow a suggested workout plan, or choose a group of exercises available to your patient’s account. This feature will allow you to take complete control of the order of exercises and their level with this feature.

Choose the Structure of the Workout

A custom workout will allow you to choose the order and levels of the exercises. You can also choose the duration and repetition.

Key Features

Customizable Exercises and their Deliverance

Automatically Increase the Challenge of Each Exercise

Provide Therapy Anywhere

Interested in trying our digital exercises?

Pulling from our decades of experience in Cognitive Therapeutics, we aim to help you enrich your practice through the use of digital and paper tools.