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Cognitive Rehabilitation Tools for Occupational Therapy

Happy Neuron Pro's cognitive rehabilitation exercises and tracking tools are ideal for occupational therapists working to help clients improve skills.

Cognitive rehabilitation software for occupational therapy, cognitive rehabilitation training in occupational therapy

HappyNeuron Pro is a comprehensive cognitive rehabilitation tool used by occupational therapists around the globe. Our platform offers occupational therapists an organized, efficient, and effective solution for cognitive rehabilitation training. Whether working with elderly patients facing memory loss or individuals recovering from brain injuries or mental health episodes, HappyNeuron Pro serves as a valuable cognitive rehabilitation tool for occupational therapists.

The program encompasses a range of digital exercises, worksheets, and client-tracking features, providing a versatile toolkit for clinicians. These resources are instrumental in addressing various cognitive deficits, contributing to a holistic approach to therapy. The goal of HappyNeuron Pro is to enhance the therapist’s ability to cater to clients with diverse challenges and goals.

What sets HappyNeuron Pro apart is its commitment to helping clinicians streamline their practices while increasing their ability to impact lives. The activities and tools within the program have been meticulously developed and organized to facilitate the seamless translation of learned skills from the screen to real-life activities and occupations. This ensures that the cognitive gains achieved during training directly impact and improve the client’s everyday life.

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Occupational Therapy Case Studies

See how other OTs are using HappyNeuron Pro to transform their patients’ lives:

Tuyet Doneza

Private Occupational Therapy Services in Cognitive Rehabilitation, Ergonomics, Workplace Assessments, and Functional Capacity Evaluations


Dynamic OT

Winnipeg, Canada

“HappyNeuron Pro has been a lifesaver. When I started out, I wanted to give my clients homework. That was the whole purpose. I do rehab with them, but I wanted to give my clients something to follow up on when I don’t see them.”

Tyler Anton

Occupational Therapist


Chrysalis: An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities

Alberta, Canada

“With COVID-19, it has been awesome to have HappyNeuron Pro because clients do not need to come to service to access it and they can access it from home as well. I can use HappyNeuron Pro virtually with my clients. Clients can feel the benefits.”

Heather Condello

Occupational Therapist


Complex Injury Rehab

Ontario, Canada

“I’m thankful for the timing when we met [the HappyNeuron Pro team] that we were able to get HappyNeuron Pro up and running because it was an important part of our transition to virtual occupational therapy.”

Natalie Mackenzie

Msc, CPCRT, CBIST, Brain Injury Support + Cognitive Rehabilitation


BIS Services

Kent, England

“HappyNeuron Pro allowed us to engage with clients by allowing us to look at their scores and have a conversation around that.”

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