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Cognitive Stimulation For Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging

Why use Cognitive Stimulation for healthy aging?

Aging well includes exercising regularly, having a healthy diet, and keeping your brain stimulated and challenged. Many seniors do not perform activities that challenge them to utilize key cognitive functions, such as memory, which can lead to deterioration in cognitive capacity and function over time. Digital cognitive therapy tools can be used to promote healthy aging in seniors by providing them with opportunities to stimulate cognitive functions that they may be under-using.

Does it work?

For seniors, using computerized training programs may help to improve global cognition, psychosocial functioning, and specific cognitive domains deficits associated with aging. Below is some of the research that has been conducted to examine the efficacy of computerized cognitive training programs in aging adults.

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How to conduct Cognitive Stimulation for health aging


Group Activities

Keeping healthy aging adults cognitively stimulated and socially connected has never been easier! You can provide stimulating cognitive activities using HappyNeuron Pro that keeps your healthy aging seniors’ brains engaged while they laugh and learn with other group members.

Staying Sharp

One-on-one, you can assuage your patients’ fears of aging by providing them with cognitive stimulation therapy.

Recommended exercises

With our adaptability features, the exercises can be tailored to the patient’s specific needs and made to be the appropriate difficulty level for them.


HappyNeuron Pro’s exercises can be used with individual patients, and in a group therapy context. They may be completed remotely or in person, and home workouts can be assigned to the patient so they get consistent practice in between sessions with the clinician.

Memory exercises


Visual & Verbal Working Memory

I Remember You!

Visual & Verbal Memory 


Spatial Memory

Words, Where Are You? 

Verbal & Spatial Memory


  • Part of healthy aging is exercising cognitive skills such as memory.
  • Digital cognitive training programs such as HappyNeuron Pro may prevent cognitive impairment or slow the progress of neurodegenerative conditions.
  • Individuals can work on improving memory, attention, and other cognitive skills with HappyNeuron Pro.
  • HappyNeuron Pro’s adaptable cognitive exercises can be tailored to the patient’s unique needs.
  • HappyNeuron Pro can be used in a variety of contexts so that the patient is able to get consistent cognitive exercise.
  • To try HappyNeuron Pro with your patients, request a demo and start a free trial – no credit card required!