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“I see a lot of improvements in my clients’ speed of processing, multi-track thinking, and flexibility of thinking… and I see that my clients perform more functionally.”

– Dr. Mary Ann Keatley Ph.D., CCC

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Learning Disabilities

“I loved trying to find out how I could support them, how I could learn what they knew and how I could learn to tap into their knowledge and make communicating easier for them.” 

Louise Kavanagh – Special Education Teacher – Dubai British School Jumeirah Park – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Stroke Recovery

“I found that I was building a lot of the programming myself. I would spend a lot of time in program planning trying to find the activities that I want to use. I find that HappyNeuron Pro does the work for me. It is easy to access and I like the information portion of it.”

Karin Harrison – West Shore Stroke Recovery – After Stroke British Columbia – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Psychosis Treatment

“[Clients] never get to a point where they are bored, because I have a lot of flexibility that way to keep them challenged and keep them moving. The cognitive remediation programs we are using have [those features] built in anyway.”

Debra Bushong – Psychiatrist MS, LPC-S – Department of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center – United States

TBI / Post-Concussion Care

“HappyNeuron Pro has been a lifesaver. When I started out, I wanted to give my clients homework. That was the whole purpose. I do rehab with them, but I wanted to give my clients something to follow up on when I don’t see them.”

Tuyet Doenza – Private Occupational Therapy Services in Cognitive Rehabilitation, Ergonomics, Workplace Assessments, and Functional Capacity Evaluations – Dynamic OT – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Canada

Learning Disabilities

“With COVID-19, it has been awesome to have HappyNeuron Pro because clients do not need to come to service to access it and they can access it from home as well. I can use HappyNeuron Pro virtually with my clients. Clients can feel the benefits.”

Tyler Anton – Occupational Therapists – Chrysalis: An Alberta Society for Citizens with Disabilities – Alberta – Canada

TBI / Post-Concussion Care

“HappyNeuron Pro allowed us to engage with clients by allowing us to look at their scores and have a conversation around that.”

Natalie Mackenzie – Msc, CPCRT, CBIST, Brain Injury Support + Cognitive Rehabilitation – BIS Services – Kent – England

Mental Health

“Many patients have described to Jacob Hillestrøm that the main payoff from the cognitive training has been an increase in self-confidence and self-efficacy.”

Jacob Hillestrøm – Cognitive Trainer – Skovhus – Nykøbing Sjælland – Denmark

TBI / Post-Concussion Care

“HappyNeuron Pro is very elegant because it actually pinpoints cognitive areas and it gives really strong stimulus items and that’s how you actually build cognitive functions.”

Mary Ann Keatley – Ph.D, CCC, Speech and Language Pathologist and Neurotherapist – Brain Injury Hope Foundation – Denver, CO – USA

TBI / Post-Concussion Care

“[One client] I work with struggles with the exercise “Restaurant”. Using biofeedback, I am able to help this client regulate their autonomic nervous system to stay calm while completing the exercise.”

Dr. Taher Chugh – Sports Medicine, MD, CCFP(SEMP FCFP. Dip Sport Med – Toronto Concussion Clinic – Toronto, ON – Canada

Occupational Therapy

“I’m thankful for the timing when we met [the HappyNeuron Pro team] that we were able to get HappyNeuron Pro up and running because it was an important part of our transition to virtual occupational therapy.”

Heather Condello – Occupational Therapist – Complex Injury Rehab – Ontario – Canada

Dyana Hagen

Mental Health

“I have seen positive behavioral changes in the people that I work with. The staff and clients love HappyNeuron Pro.”

Dyana Hagen – B.S.W. – InterCommunity Inc.’s Common Ground Learning Center – East Hartford, CT – USA

Ruth Mwaura

Mental Health

“[People considering using HappyNeuron Pro] should go for it. It’s worth the investment.”

Ruth Mwaura – Clinical Psychologist – Thalia Psychotherapy – Nairobi – Kenya

Kyra Minichan

Academic Success

“Every kid needs to be doing HappyNeuron Pro. Every school needs to be working on these skills. Every school in America should have a cognitive skill curriculum.”

Kyra Minichan – CEO and SLP – The Cognitive Emporium – Hendersonville, TN – USA

Anne Miles


“Our favorite thing is to be able to break down into core cognitive domains, knowing every task the patient is doing touches upon overlapping cognitive skills, and it gives participants a sense of what skills they are working on.”

Anne Miles – OT – WISE Employment – Melbourne – Australia

Chris Krause

Senior Wellness

“The team at HappyNeuron understands our customers’ needs and how iN2L can fit as a solution. It is an important aspect of any relationship, but in situations like this, it is particularly valuable.”

Chris Krause – Dir. of Research and Outcome – iN2L – Denver, CO – USA

Gregg Pauletti

Cognitive Rehabilitation

“More therapists need to be doing cognitive rehabilitation with their clients.”

Gregg Pauletti – Founder, Director – The Restoring Cognitive Health Institute – Greenwich, CT – USA

Lisa Rae


“This program is something that really can benefit the well-being of the clients we serve. It gives us more resources and tools to help people.”

Lisa Rae – Director of Business Development – Integrative Group Psychology Services – Chicago, IL – USA


Occupational Therapy

“The customer service was above and beyond. They worked with us often to ensure that we understood all the ins and outs of the product.”


Jen Sheely and Laurie Kitamura – Occupational Therapists – Interior Health – British Columbia – Canada

Art Therapy

“I thought “Let me try HappyNeuron Pro and see what happens.” I was pleasantly surprised, and so were my clients because it is much easier on the nervous system. The data is much simpler to use. It’s more user-friendly. They like the feedback they get from there”. 

Maureen Del Giacco, PhD LCAT – Art Therapist – Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy – Albany, NY – USA

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