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Type:Senior Digital Wellness Platform
Location:Denver, CO, USA
Size:50+ Employees
HappyNeuron Pro Partner Since:2009

Partnering to Advance Cognitive Health for Aging Adults

Who is iN2L?

As the market leader in senior engagement technology, It’s Never 2 Late (iN2L) has been enriching the lives of older adults through content-driven engagement since 1999. A critical part of the resident experience in more than 3,000 senior living communities across the U.S. and Canada, iN2L’s expansive, targeted library of content promotes wellness, empowerment and engagement among older adults, regardless of physical or cognitive ability. 

Kristin Hoffman and Chris Krause are both therapists who bring their knowledge of what is needed in the clinic to iN2L to help the company address real-world challenges therapists face in working with aging populations.

Users can simply press a button on iN2L’s touch screens to launch hundreds of applications for activities that facilitate social interaction, cognitive and physical exercise and therapy, education, reminiscing, areas of interest and memory care engagement. HappyNeuron Pro has been embedded as part of the iN2L platform since 2009.

“HappyNeuron is a toolbox inside iN2L, which already has a lot of other toolboxes.”Chris Krause .

iN2L caters to senior living facilities, particularly for seniors diagnosed with MCI, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Typical patients using iN2L in a care setting are at least 60 years of age. Nursing homes are getting more residents, as memory problems are occurring earlier and people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds need services. Speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, and activity directors assist residents to use iN2L one-on-one or in group settings.

“With an OT or PT, patients can use a mobile cart and a large touchscreen to perform activities. The cart serves as a movement stimulus during therapy.”Kristin Hoffman.

Chris Krause

Chris Krause

Director of Research and Outcome

Kristin Hoffman

Kristin Hoffman

Rehab Specialist & SLP

How iN2L and HappyNeuron Pro Came To Be

Before the addition of HappyNeuron Pro, iN2L lacked a true cognitive content component in their program. Cognitive activities developed by iN2L prior to HappyNeuron Pro included trivia, slideshows, and using interesting websites. By integrating HappyNeuron Pro into iN2L, “SLPs and OTs are equipped with a better tool to address the issues they are seeing in the clinic,” says Kristin.

iN2L discovered HappyNeuron Pro at a conference. What was distinguishing about HappyNeuron Pro to the team at iN2L was the user experience features and design.

IN2L Focus Tablet

“There are other companies I like. After 10 years of being with HappyNeuron Pro, the “gamelike” design is why we stuck with it.”Kristin Hoffman.

HappyNeuron Pro and iN2L have been in partnership for the past 10 years. The teams at HappyNeuron and iN2L are collaborative in nature, both addressing needs of users and creating ideas together.

“It’s also the flexible nature of the relationship: understanding needs and what iN2L can fit into. It is an important aspect of any relationship, but in situations like this, it is particularly valuable.”Chris Krause.

HappyNeuron has assisted many partners in integrating its content into their platforms.

During iN2L’s technological migration in 2017, HappyNeuron Business Developer Carl Christenson worked closely with Director of Content Justine King, Director of Technology Michael Gardner, and Director of Product Management Curt Frisch to ensure a smooth and functional integration of HappyNeuron exercises into the new systems.

HappyNeuron Pro Carl

“We picked up HappyNeuron Pro because it is easy to translate into our system. During the deployment, both companies focused on making everything work together.”Kristin Hoffman.

How HappyNeuron Pro Fits Into iN2L

In order to ensure the desired outcome for staff, residents and patients, iN2L extensively trains users on their systems and makes it a priority to provide timely, excellent customer support. HappyNeuron is a key focus area when training new therapist users.

“I will take the therapist aside and give them a deeper dive into HappyNeuron. We introduce the platform itself. I usually do 2 exercises, showing what a level one (easiest) experience is like compared to a level 9 (most difficult). I also show therapists the accuracy and response page.”Kristin Hoffman.

HappyNeuron Pro provides results for users. Clinicians can view individual patient’s results by viewing the results tab of their patient’s account. HappyNeuron Pro also provides graphs that display progress or decline overtime so a patient’s condition can be monitored via their activity performance.

The feedback provided from the exercises can give a general insight into where a patient may be struggling. The therapist can then take this feedback, distill it alongside their notes from therapy, and better tailor their sessions to address areas where their patient is continuing to struggle.

The exercises in HappyNeuron Pro are designed to coincide with real-world tasks that patients may exhibit difficulties performing as a result of aging, psychiatric, and neurological conditions.

“You’ve Got Voicemail !, it’s short-term memory and recall. If I have a goal, such as teaching my patients how to get out of their wheelchair and not fall, I use this exercise. This helps me work with the wheelchair, then pushing up to get out of the chair. At times, the exercises have ethereal correlation, but sometimes they can have direct correlations to real-life goals. “Chris Krause .

For More Information

iN2L and HappyNeuron Pro continue to work together to improve the lives of seniors in assisted living, skilled nursing, and general age care facilities.

To learn more about iN2L, please visit their website at www.in2l.com. You may also get in touch with questions about iN2L and partnering at info@in2l.com or by calling (303)-806-0797.

To learn more about partnering with HappyNeuron Pro, contact us at info@happyneuronpro.com or by calling (215)-987-6165.

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