HappyNeuron Pro Case Study: Integrative Group Psychological Services

Type: Senior Community Psychological Services

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Size: 11 Therapists

HappyNeuron Pro user since: 2013

Clinic's challenge:

Clinic was seeking a digital tool to use with senior patients, to replace hard materials such as physical memory games.

About Integrative Group Psychological Services

Integrative Group Psychological Services (IGPS) is based in Chicago, working with Senior Living Communities extending into the northern and southern suburbs. This practice focuses on elder patients experiencing grief, anxiety, depression, home-loss, and cognitive impairment. Typical clients receiving therapy through IGPS are in their late 60’s through their late 90’s.

Across the 26 locations throughout Chicago, IGPS owners Lisa Rae and Diane Bailey Yoder, M.S, LCPC, NCC, along with team member Laura Argentine (LCSW), have been HappyNeuron Pro users for over 6 years. They have been involved in the care of hundreds of patients. 

How HappyNeuron Helps

Using HappyNeuron Pro within IGPS has provided an innovative tool for the IGPS clinical team to use in therapy for their patients.

Before HappyNeuron Pro, they were using hard materials such as books and memory games. After implementing HappyNeuron Pro and having their patients use it, they saw that their clients loved using the program.

The team at IGPS now uses HappyNeuron Pro with patients in their 1 to 2 sessions per week. HappyNeuron Pro is now the only digital component of their therapeutic practice. Even with the low dose, the team has benefited from using HappyNeuron Pro during therapy hours with clients.

Diane M. Bailey Yoder

Diane M. Bailey Yoder, MS, LCPC, NCC

Founder, Director of Clinical Operations

How HappyNeuron Pro Helps Laura Treat Patients


The use of technology can be frightening for seniors: large devices with multiple components be overwhelming, causing geriatric patients to disengage when given a digital tool. HappyNeuron Pro is web-based and can work on any device. This ability makes it possible for Laura to use HappyNeuron Pro on a touchscreen tablet.

They noticed that their patients “love using the touchscreen because all they have to do is touch and they do not need to use the mouse or the keypad.” By providing tablets and demonstrating how to use them, patients are encouraged to engage with technology. This has been helpful for Laura as other software may come with equipment or special technology needs, which can be off-putting to aging populations.

How HappyNeuron Pro Keeps IGPS Patients Engaged in Therapy


Another benefit of using HappyNeuron Pro that Laura discovered is that more exercises are continuously being updated and developed. Some patients would get bored of performing the same exercises they had done before. When HappyNeuron Pro was introduced and when new activities were released, it gave Laura new activities that their patients could choose from. Patients were excited and engaged in therapy, leading to better outcomes.


One patient of theirs who suffered a stroke reaped tremendous benefits of his therapy with IGPS with HappyNeuron Pro being a part of his care:


“The fact that he was able to see himself succeeding and mastering something made him only want to succeed more. The man was depressed and had anxiety. After using this program, people noticed him smiling and going to activities.” – Laura Argentine

Adaptation & Customization

Within HappyNeuron Pro, the therapist has complete control over the exercises. The therapist can customize the level of difficulty, number of stimuli, kinds of stimuli, hints available, response time, and other relevant settings to make exercises adequately challenging for their patients. The program itself can also adapt: as users master skills, the exercise will gradually become appropriately challenging. If a patient is struggling, the exercise will become easier until that user builds the skills to move on.

“You can immediately see if the patient is improving, or still needs to work on certain elements.” – Laura Argentine

Positive Activity

An indirect feature of HappyNeuron Pro is the ability to perform therapy on difficult days. Elderly people can fall into a routine lifestyle. Aging also comes with grief, loss, and changes that may become unpleasant to constantly discuss. Laura comments that within their practice, they experience “people who are difficult to talk to and people whom you are trying to work with, where talking may be too painful for them.

The ability to have a tool on hand that allows the therapist and patient to transition to a fun and positive activity is an excellent distraction from the everyday. This allows for therapy to continue, but in a different way. This indirect benefit of HappyNeuron Pro has been helpful for practices like IGPS, where patients may need a different course of action to continue therapy during a difficult time in their lives.

Customer Support

Feedback about customer service has been above average, remarking that questions are answered and issues are resolved in a timely manner. HappyNeuron Pro is comprised of friendly staff, who can assist with billing issues, walking through the program, and can help with the implementation of the software in their clinical setting.

“When I have customer service like that it’s huge! It makes me want to give more business!” – Lisa Rae

Engaging Families

Showing the program to their patients for the first time left an impression: patients were excited to try the program, with most going home and completing more exercises because they enjoyed performing them with Laura.

IGPS uses HappyNeuron Pro not only for therapy, but as a way to keep families informed about how their loved one is doing in their sessions. Lisa says, “We work with the geriatric population, but we can involve families for education and support as well. So everybody is aware.” This allows for transparency during the therapeutic process and eases the concerns of caregivers and loved ones.

Implementing HappyNeuron Pro into IGPS has proven to be an asset to their business and therapeutic practice. Having HappyNeuron Pro, Laura keeps her patient’s brains stimulated by doing therapy that is fun. In addition, more people request to receive treatment at IGPS because of the innovative program Laura, Diane, and Lisa have developed including HappyNeuron Pro as part of treatment.

Lisa Rae

Lisa Rae

Founder, Director of Business Development

“I think that this program is something that really can benefit the well-being of clients we serve. They may not even realize that they’re benefiting from it but they are getting a lot of different benefits.” – Lisa Rae

Laura, Diane, and Lisa have been using HappyNeuron Pro since 2013, and will continue to keep HappyNeuron Pro as a part of their practice. IGPS has been helping seniors cope with the difficulties of aging and improve their lives. They offer evaluation, treatment, and support services to assist with the aging process and promote psychological well-being.


Implementing HappyNeuron Pro to help patients with cognitive skills training and make therapy more exciting.


The clinic has seen a higher level of engagement among patients. They are able to track patients progress better using the tracking features within the digital tool. Implementing HappyNeuron Pro has led to better therapy outcomes.

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