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Exercises That Work On Memory

Memory Exercises

Inside HappyNeuron Pro’s digital program, we have 20 exercises that target memory. With our program, you can help your patients build the skills they need to retain and recall information. Working on memory has many benefits. Some may gain faster-processing speed, improved quality of life, and reduced frustration are some of from memory training.

What does HappyNeuron Pro offer for memory?

Some exercises HappyNeuron Pro offers can help your patient:



HappyNeuron Pro’s memory exercises are divided into 3 main categories: verbalvisual, and auditory.


  1. Each memory exercise is fully adaptable and customizable. The elements you can customize are:
  2. How much information your patient must memorize
  3. The theme of the stimuli
  4. How much time your patient must memorize
  5. How much time your patient has to recall the information they have learned


You can design a customized memory training program by picking exercises out of the different memory categories. With our home exercise feature, you can also assign patients workouts they can access from home.

Why should I provide memory training for my patients?

Memory training offers several benefits for recipients. For one, continuous cognitive training has been shown to help older adults perform everyday tasks with ease. Other patient populations that may benefit from memory training include ADHDepilepsy, and those living with traumatic brain injury. Second, memory training may improve reading ability in children, which may lead to increased academic performance. Lastly, individuals with bipolar disorder who undergo memory training may experience improvements in cognitive ability and relief from depressive symptoms. Cognitive training focusing on memory can benefit a variety of patient populations.

Why should I use HappyNeuron Pro with my patients?

First, HappyNeuron Pro offers diverse content that you can use to work on memory and other cognitive domains your patient struggles with. Because there are multiple exercises available for each cognitive domain, you are able to choose exercises for your patient to perform that they can effectively respond to.


Second, all of HappyNeuron Pro’s exercises are fully customizable. Using HappyNeuron Pro’s “Scheduled Exercises” feature, you are able to choose which exercises you would like your patient to perform, arrange them in the order you would like your patient to perform them, and tailor the exercises to work on the specific aspects of memory your patient is struggling with.


Third, you and your patient can both access HappyNeuron Pro remotely. Because HappyNeuron Pro is a website, both you and your patient can access HappyNeuron Pro from anywhere where there is an internet connection and a WiFi compatible device.


Lastly, HappyNeuron Pro offers cognitive worksheets that clinical providers and patients can access. HappyNeuron Pro offers creative and engaging worksheets that contain progressive exercises in addition to thought-provoking bridging questions that will help your patient translate the practiced cognitive strategies into their daily life

Is there a suggested memory exercise plan I can provide for my client?

Yes. Here is a sample exercise plan we suggest that you use to help your patient work on memory skills. Click on each exercise to give it a try!


memory exercises


HappyNeuron Pro is a digital cognitive therapy tool that is used across the world by different clinical providers. With 20 exercises that target memory, clinicians can choose different exercises for their patients to perform and customize them in order to make a tailored cognitive training program for their patients.


Providing memory training can be highly beneficial for a variety of patient populations, with benefits including improved ability to perform everyday activities, increased reading ability, and improved mood. Many clinical providers choose HappyNeuron Pro for its content, adaptability, and flexibility, along with the ability to access HappyNeuron Pro’s paper-based exercises.


Lastly, clinical providers can get started working with their patients on their memory using a workout that teaches individuals how to chunk information, pair visual and verbal information together in a meaningful way, and be able to recall information previously encountered.


Try out HappyNeuron Pro with no strings attached! Request a demo to unlock your free trial. 

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