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Home Exercises Made Simple

Assigning, grading, and tracking your patients’ work and performance made simple.

Assigning home exercises is simple for you & accessible for your patient.

Choose the exercises you would like your patient to do, the duration of their workout, and the days you wish for them to complete their exercises.

Our platform can automatically email your patients their workouts.

With our timezone feature, your patients’ homework can be emailed to them on any day at any time.

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Start homework in just 1 click!

Your patient will be automatically logged-into their account when they click on their workout link via email.

Increase the frequency of your therapy & see the results!

Your patients’ results are instant! From checking their status to showing them their results, our client dashboard can help you and your patients see their progress!

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Ready to try our Home Exercise feature?

Say goodbye to piles of unfinished papers and hello to completed exercises and positive feedback.

Interested in trying our digital tools?

Pulling from our decades of experience in Cognitive Therapeutics, we aim to help you enrich your practice through the use of digital and paper tools.