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Dementia Intervention Options

Read up on our dementia treatment guidelines and see how HappyNeuron Pro’s
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Dementia Treatment Guidelines

Dementia describes a range of cognitive symptoms that affect daily living. Dementia is commonly associated with the elderly, as memory and other thinking skills start to decline in old age or after a brain injury. Depending on the severity of dementia, some symptoms may be improved. With the right non-pharmaceutical therapy, you can help your patient “re-wire” their brain to help them compensate in daily life.


Studies by the National Institute on Aging at the NIH found that: “When studied by electroencephalography (EEG, which monitors patterns of brain electrical activity), a group of older participants who had trained in multitasking also showed increased levels of brain activity, indicative of improved cognition. Compared with their peers, the training group performed better on attention and memory tests. These results suggest that, in the laboratory, targeted brain training can improve certain cognitive abilities known to decline with age.”

Cognitive exercises for dementia intervention

To help ameliorate these symptoms, many therapists use HappyNeuron Pro’s dementia focused exercises found in the Aging Well program. Our tool consists of stimulating activities that are completed online. While no two people are alike, HappyNeuron Pro can be an effective part of a cognitive remediation therapy plan for any healthy aging or dementia patient.


We provide an interface that is easy to use and adaptable to ensure clinicians have full control of the activities their clients are doing. For example, when using HappyNeuron Pro, therapists can work with patients at a comfortable pace through a wide range activities. These activities can be adapted according to a client’s stage with dementia to foster a non-stressful environment for patients.

Dance with the Fireflies - Sample
cognitive exercise mockup

Try HappyNeuron Pro today with your clients today to experience how HappyNeuron Pro can be an effective tool in your treatment plan when working with healthy aging and dementia populations.

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