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If you are a professional working with people with dementia, you understand that it is vital for them to keep mentally engaged and active.

Therapy and Bridging

Constantly finding fun and safe activities for people with dementia can be challenging. Fortunately, HappyNeuron Pro is here to help!


HappyNeuron Pro offers 45+ different activities, with adaptable difficulty levels and performance tracking to help improve patient engagement in individual and group programs. HappyNeuron Pro is perfect to use as an activity director at a retirement community, or as a clinical provider during one-on-one therapy sessions. Even better, every activity has thousands of data sets, so they can be run again without repeating the same stimuli.

Digital exercises for dementia

An example of one HappyNeuron Pro activity to use with dementia patients is Find Your Way!


In Find Your Way!, users must memorize a path and reproduce it forward or backward. This can be done with or without help. Therapists can have their clients perform this task with few or many items.


In daily life, we use similar skills when we want to remember the way we went to visit someone or to get to work.


Spatial working memory activities like Find Your Way can help patients with dementia to be less disoriented. This can help patients better remember a needed object’s position in a room.


To see more activities like these and experiment with them in your setting, get started on a free trial!

Screenshot of HappyNeuron Pro exercise Find Your Way

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