Senior care professionals are often asked by their patients: “Is there anything I can do to help my memory?”

For dementia patients, the best alternative to medicine is cognitive stimulation therapy. This method of treatment is based on the idea that mind-stimulating activities can slow the decline of dementia and patients “re-learn” important skills To assist in your treatment process for your dementia patients, HappyNeuron Pro has developed a strong set of cognitive stimulation activities to help prevent further decline.

How can HappyNeuron Pro’s activities help your patients?

An upside to using HappyNeuron Pro is that our activities target all of the major symptoms associated with dementia. One of the major advantages of our treatment tools is that we offer many different cognitive stimulation activities that target specific areas of the brain. When you combine this with a wide range of difficulty settings, it allows you to pinpoint and target problematic symptoms. This can be extremely helpful when planning a treatment process for each of your patients.

What types of cognitive stimulation activities does HappyNeuron Pro offer?

  • Memory Exercises
  • Logic-based Exercises
  • Visual Exercises
  • Orientation Exercises

For example:

In our “Around the World in 80 Trips” activity, your patient is shown a map in which they have to remember the places they have been to or were shown. This can help with short-term, semantic, and visual memory.

HappyNeuron Pro can be an extremely helpful asset in dementia treatment for your patients. Signing up today can help slow the decline of dementia-related symptoms and get your patients back on the right track. You can start now with a free trial!