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Activities for Dementia Patients


What activities can HappyNeuron Pro provide for dementia patients?

Healthcare professionals working with seniors are often asked by their patients: “Is there anything I can do to help my memory?”

The answer is yes: cognitive remediation therapy. This method of therapy is based on the idea that cognitive skills can be built with guided practice. With the help of a licensed clinician, patients can learn how to transfer skills that are practiced with paper and pencil and digital activities to the real world.


The picture above is an activity for dementia patients HappyNeuron Pro offers to help with remembering faces. Remembering loved ones is an important part of life, which gets compromised as dementia progresses. Cognitive training may help people with dementia develop some strategies to help remember their friends and family before the disease becomes too severe.


HappyNeuron Pro provides 45+ exercises that can be used for cognitive remediation therapy. Areas of cognition that licensed therapists can work on with dementia populations include executive functioning, language, mathematical skills, visual processing, auditory processing, memory, processing speed and spatial reasoning. These exercises can be modified according to a person’s level of functioning. What this does is allow therapists to pinpoint weaknesses and tailor therapy to address these. As dementia progresses, exercises can be modified to be less difficult to still provide cognitive stimulation.

How can HappyNeuron Pro help with dementia?

HappyNeuron Pro can be used to provide cognitive stimulation for dementia populations. Therapists providing cognitive remediation therapy can choose from an array of exercises that target key cognitive domains to design cognitive exercise plans that can be done at home, or in a clinical setting.  HappyNeuron Pro can be used on a device that has internet connection. We suggest using a touchscreen device, as clients with dementia may be afraid when using a standard desktop computer.

Activities for dementia from HappyNeuron Pro

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You will be able to access all of our digital content, as well as our free resources for additional material to use during your therapy sessions with your clients living with dementia. If you are a researcher conducting a study with dementia patients, please contact us about using our software for your research study.

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