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Cognitive Rehabilitation Exercises

HappyNeuron offers adaptable cognitive rehabilitation exercises.

HappyNeuron Pro is a digital cognitive therapy tool that provides cognitive exercises. Clinicians such as Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Psychologists all over the world use our program to engage their patients and help them to exercise cognitive skills as part of their treatment plans.

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What are cognitive rehabilitation exercises?

Cognitive rehabilitation exercises are the activities that are completed during a cognitive rehabilitation therapy session. These exercises stimulate different cognitive functions that an injury to the head or disease may negatively impact. Cognitive rehabilitation exercises can be paper, digital, or group activities that help to engage an individual’s ability to use their cognitive skills. 

About our cognitive exercises

cognitive rehabilitation exercises

Cognitive exercises engage and train various brain regions necessary for everyday functioning. Different aspects of cognitive function may be improved with cognitive therapy. Some areas that may see improvement are executive functions, language, and processing speed. Additionally, the subdomains of memory and processing are verbal, visual, auditory, and spatial. May also see improvements with cognitive rehabilitation. 

HappyNeuron Pro is a tool for clinicians to help build on or rebuild the foundation of different cognitive functions. Cognitive therapy may ultimately lead to life improvement for patients. Our exercises are designed to be engaging and relevant so that your patients can practice skills needed for everyday functioning and develop strategies to overcome obstacles.

What conditions is
HappyNeuron Pro for?

HappyNeuron Pro offers cognitive rehabilitation exercises for many cognition conditions that require rehabilitation, such as:

Who uses HappyNeuron Pro?

Thousands of clinicians trust HappyNeuron Pro’s tools for patient treatment and for helping to keep patients engaged in their rehabilitation journey.

How can I try the cognitive
rehabilitation exercises?

We’re happy to offer a FREE trial for full access to all 45 of our exercises – no credit card is required! This way you can try them out with your clients and really get a feel for how the exercises work. First, we ask that you have a quick 15-30 minute meeting with our Product Specialist so that you understand how to use our program with your clients and get the most out of your free trial.

Interested in trying our exercises?

Pulling from our decades of experience in Cognitive Therapeutics, we aim to help you enrich your practice through the use of digital and paper tools.