Using HappyNeuron Pro for Group Therapy

How to Utilize HappyNeuron Pro for Bridging Group Therapy

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a style of therapy in which a clinical provider works with a small to medium-sized group of patients at once. Typically, groups have 6 to 8 patients working with one clinical provider, but they can be larger. Each patient in the group has a similar medical condition and a common goal that they are addressing with the clinical provider. Commonly, these groups are conceptualized as being used to work through emotional, psychological, and substance use problems but can help individuals improve their cognitive functioning.

Why Group Therapy?

People with cognitive impairment often work individually with a clinical provider to address their cognitive deficits. Group sessions allow individuals with cognitive impairment to learn strategies and practice cognitive skills. In a group environment, they can practice these skills with other group members. Patients can also discuss what strategies are and are not effective. In addition to shared learning among group members, individuals can practice necessary social skills with one another such as taking turns when participating and making eye contact while speaking with the clinical provider and other group members.

Can It Be Done Remotely?

Group therapy can be done remotely. Using a video conferencing platform and a digital cognitive therapy tool, clinical providers can meet with group members at one time and have discussions as well as perform cognitive exercises. The clinical provider can share their screen to demonstrate exercises, while group members can share their screens and help one another solve problems.

Customer Highlight

Kyra Minichan owns the Cognitive Emporium, a practice that focuses on helping the smart but struggling learner. You can learn how and why Kyra provides group cognitive therapy in our one-on-one interview with her.

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