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TBI Rehabilitation

Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating without receiving proper treatment. See how HappyNeuron Pro's TBI rehabilitation can help your patients.

A “TBI,” otherwise known as traumatic brain injury, can have devastating results if your patient does not receive proper treatment. An injury to your brain can affect thinking, speech, social behavior, and just about any skill that someone needs to live.


After the acute stage of a brain injury, it is important for a patient to start cognitive rehabilitation. It’s often difficult to target specific activities to help brain injury patients. For this reason, HappyNeuron Pro is a platform that helps clinical providers identify the major obstacles their patients are struggling with.

Why is HappyNeuron Pro a great choice for my patients?

A common misconception about TBI rehabilitation is that there is a “best” method of treatment. This is incorrect, because every situation is different and a method of rehabilitation that may work for one person may not work with others. Here at HappyNeuron Pro we often wonder, “Why do you have to choose?” When creating a treatment plan for your patient, it is always a good practice to utilize different methods. That being said, the different activities offered on this platform are a great choice for online TBI rehabilitation.

When using HappyNeuron Pro, most professionals find it extremely accessible. Whether you are treating your patients in a clinical setting or you have assigned them activities to be completed on an outpatient basis, you can track their progress with ease. It doesn’t matter if they prefer a computer or a tablet, your patient can always complete the activities they are assigned. On top of that, normally software platforms for TBI rehabilitation charge individual patients for using their services at home. HappyNeuron Pro believes that your patient shouldn’t need to pay extra, so we charge a flat fee to the healthcare provider without any additional cost to the patient.


Want to try our cognitive rehabilitation therapy tool with your clients?

Click here to get a free trial! We also provide free worksheets which you can use with our digital tool to supplement the material we provide. Join the many rehabilitation providers and therapists who use HappyNeuron Pro to help their clients today!

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