With Which Medical Conditions Can HappyNeuron Pro Be Used?

HappyNeuron Pro has been a part of therapy for a variety of medical conditions.

We are used in geriatric care for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, in addition to healthy seniors who are experiencing normal cognitive decline with aging.

Psychiatry programs have integrated HappyNeuron Pro for cognitive remediation of schizophrenia such as in the NEAR model, as well as for bipolar disorder and depression. We have also been used for back to work programs that help patients suffering from psychosis build skills to land and maintain a job.

Neurological populations need all the materials they can get as therapy hours are cut and rehabilitation clinics are forced to discharge patients in a timely fashion. Patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and acquired mild cognitive impairment have benefited from having HappyNeuron Pro as part of their care plan.

The brain is complex and many life events can damage cognitive function. Each disorder is different, with special care plans in place that can lead to an optimal recovery. HappyNeuron Pro is adaptable for a spectrum of disorders as well as stages of care starting at acute and ranging through chronic.

Check our detailed pages on each medical condition, where we give a synopsis of common disorders and how HappyNeuron Pro can help.

Page last updated on Jul 2,2019