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Using HappyNeuron Pro for In-Person Therapy

What is In-Person Therapy?

In-person therapy is a therapeutic delivery method in which the patient and clinical provider are in the same physical space while the clinical provider provides therapy to the patient. In-person therapy can occur in private practices, small clinics, or large facilities. In-person therapy can be done individually, in groups, or with a mixture of both to allow patients to get the therapeutic activity and time that is needed to create change.

Why In-Person Therapy?

In-person therapy allows the clinical provider and patient to have a very intimate therapeutic session. When providing cognitive rehabilitation, cognitive remediation, or cognitive stimulation therapy, a clinical provider can provide their patients with cognitive exercises and watch how they perform the cognitive exercises in real-time. In addition, bridging activities, or activities used to promote generalization of practices cognitive skills, are best done in-person with a clinical provider so that the clinical provider can directly monitor the progress of the bridging activity and assist the patient when they face cognitive obstacles. In-patient therapy also allows the patient to practice social skills such as making eye contact with an individual that they may have trouble with within their own life.

How Can I Do In-Person Therapy with HappyNeuron Pro?

With HappyNeuron Pro, you can transform your in-person therapy sessions with your patients. Many clinical providers have their patients perform cognitive exercises using a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer while monitoring how they perform. Some therapists have their patients perform HappyNeuron Pro exercises while providing Neurotherapy – a therapeutic technique used to help patients address anxiety and understand their brain activity. With HappyNeuron Pro, you can provide creative and practical therapy sessions for your patients while assisting them in improving their cognitive functioning.

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