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Cognitive Therapy Tools for Helping Clients Return to Work

Happy Neuron Pro's cognitive remediation and rehabilitation activities and tracking tools are ideal for clinicians working to help clients return to work.


HappyNeuron Pro provides OTs, SLPs, and mental health professionals with an organized, efficient, and effective platform for cognitive therapy. Our digital tool provides cognitive training exercises for your clients, and is designed to make sessions more streamlined so the clinician can focus on transforming lives.


The program includes assessment tools, tracking ability, and cognitive activities designed to improve a wide variety of cognitive functions. Most importantly, the activities and tools have been developed to bridge to real-life skills. Clinicians can work with patients to translate the skills learned in HappyNeuron Pro to skills and tasks required to return to work.

Is using Cognitive Remediation for Return to Work therapy successful?

More research needs to be conducted, but from our preliminary research with St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne Australia, there is strong evidence to say yes it does. 

The Research 

364 participant received a 20-hour treatment of the Health Optimisation Program for Employment. Of the 364 individuals, 168 responded to the evaluation survey 6 months after the receiving treatment. Of these, 21.5% had started a new job, while a further 42.8% were either volunteering or studying. Satisfaction with the program was high and self-efficacy ratings improved significantly over the short term only. The team concluded that further evaluation is need but the initial results were encouraging for people with mental illness in Australia. 


Read the full research here →

Case Studies

See how other professionals are using HappyNeuron Pro to help clients return to work:

Anne Miles

Anne Miles

Occupational Therapist, Research 


WISE Employment

Melbourne, Australia

“Our favorite thing is to be able to break down into core cognitive domains, knowing every task the patient is doing touches upon overlapping cognitive skills, and it gives participants a sense of what skills they are working on.”

Tuyet Doneza

Private Occupational Therapy Services in Cognitive Rehabilitation, Ergonomics, Workplace Assessments, and Functional Capacity Evaluations


Dynamic OT

Winnipeg, Canada

“HappyNeuron Pro has been a lifesaver. When I started out, I wanted to give my clients homework. That was the whole purpose. I do rehab with them, but I wanted to give my clients something to follow up on when I don’t see them.”

Gregg Pauletti

Gregg Pauletti

Founder, Director


The Restoring Cognitive Health Institute

Greenwich, CT, USA

“More therapists need to be doing cognitive rehabilitation with their clients.”

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